Instruction for Presentation

Oral Presentation
A video projector and a notebook computer (Windows7, MS Office 2013, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC) will be provided in each oral presentation room.
Please bring your lecture as a PowerPoint- or PDF-file on a USB stick.
Your own computer can be also used. Please let the chairperson know before starting your session, if you want to use your own computer. If you prefer to use a Mac computer, please do not forget to bring the connector by yourself.

The time is 50 minutes for plenary lecture, 30 minutes for keynote lecture, and 20 minutes for general lecture. The time includes ca 5 minutes’ discussion.

Poster Presentation
Space of each poster board is 90 cm in width and 210 cm in length.
Each poster should be in the size of 84 cm in width and 120 cm in length (A0 size).
Directly paste the poster on the poster board according to the presentation number.
Presentation number will be noticed at the top cprner on the board.
Pins and tapes will be available in the presentation room.

Posters should be put on 10:00 – 13:30 and should be taken down 15:30 – 18:00 on November 7 (Tue).
The posters should be presented during the poster session, 13:30 – 15:30 on November 7 (Tue).

Poster presentation by a student will be evaluated by the committee, and several selected posters will be awarded.
Awarded authors of poster presentations will be invited to the banquet for commendation.